bamboo inlay bands on box.jpg

Boxes stacked on wooden rail. With brass corners and brass handles.

Bow inlay 36 inch top.jpg

Rabbited lid with chan stay.

Long boxes have hinged door. Trains can exit under their own power.

Carry/Display Case. Custom White Oak Plexiglas sides. With code 215 hand spiked rail.


Pair of boxes. One Cab forward and One Allegheny. two Five Feet long custom

autuem leaves inlay top.jpg

Long custom cases. Good for heavy weight coaches.

Custom box. 24" L x 8" W x 10" H. Baltic Birch plywood with PurpleHeart and Lignum Vitae outlined in walnut inlay.

yellowheart, jotoba, paduk inlay band box.jpg

fall maple leaves inlay on large box.jpg

Two 60 inch boxes stacked.

Diamond inlays on 36 inch box.jpg

green, blue band box full view.jpg

edge inlay and stripes 18 x 24.jpg

X inlays medium box.jpg

Pacific Coast Region National Model Railroad Association Displace/Carrying/Transport HO convention cars custom case. Baltic Birch plywood Plexiglas doors. Case holds fifty HO cars.

circle tiny box.jpg

Bows on tiny box.jpg

Two Carry/Display Cases.

Stars yellowheart.jpg

cross inlay front.jpg

Custom five foot box. Baltic Birch opens in half. Mahogany diamond inlays.


Custom Red Oak with Plexiglas doors HO wall mounted display case.

walnut, paduk inlay bands 48 inch box.jpg

southwest inlay on box front.jpg

stained bands on box.jpg

oval inlay medium box side front.jpg

green, blue band box; inside cedar lined; with engine.jpg

cris-crossed inlay band box.jpg

Wall mounted display case. Baltic Birch plywood

Custom Baltic Birch plywood with highlights of Blue inlay.